Skin [photographs]

‘Skin – or the skin, like the heart, lungs, brain – is a human’s largest organ… It is not inactive or inert; skin is a functioning membrane and an acutely tuned sensory receptor. It also bears a lot of metaphor: think skin-deep, thin-skinned, uncomfortable in or bursting out of one’s skin. Skin both protects and discloses identity. Marina Black takes this complex organ and its dichotomies very seriously. The skin prompts questions about transgression, boundaries, taboos and emotions. ”Depicting the body,” she says, “is like speaking directly to the essence of our finite nature. So the surface of a body is an aesthetic element but also acts as a metaphor.” – George Slade, a photography historian&writer, on the SKIN series in the October 2018 #129 issue of the Black & White magazine.

Photographs are printed on a handmade paper, 16 x 20 in