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Half of the Room [photographs]

After a sudden death of two friends, I began photographing the series ‘Half of the Room’ – making portraits of people, who experienced loss and trauma. These images became part of a site-specific installation within a largely deconstructed room, arranged to act as ‘windows’ of the room for the audience to look out while the subjects attempt to look back within.
‘The Room’ also includes drawings, deconstructed and reassembled furniture pieces, soundscapes and text, all belonging to fictional characters from a multi-authored play. It is a play where all the roles, just like in the theater of the absurd, are lived and performed by one person. The written word and the visual elements of the installation are interlaced and often mimic each other. I don’t know if these stories are entirely true. Some of them I only know by hearsay. After a while, the details became obscure, and many questions remained unanswered. However, I think, I must retell them. They could perhaps, shed light on some things that are happening to some people.
This work received W. Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award for outstanding achievement in creative & scholarly work, and was supported by the Ontario Arts Council.